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How to Make Energy Savings Fun for Young Children

Kids are so impressionable at younger ages. Doesn’t it fill you with your own childlike wonder?

Because, after all, you know how they’ll be not too long from now when they become teens!

Hopefully they won’t be too difficult. But you know that they will struggle for independence at that age, just like you did.

For now, how can you get them onboard with the idea of energy savings while they still think you’re possibly the greatest thing in the world?

Here’s some ideas to make energy savings fun:

1. Make a Big Visual Chart

Children aren’t ready to think abstractly yet. Showing them the additional financial comfort you have at the end of each month really won’t be too meaningful.

So create a big chart with their favorite cartoon characters on it. Something like a thermometer with the numbers. And then every time they save energy, add a little more mercury to the thermometer.

That’s just the idea. Make sure it’s relevant to your children…a visual representation that shows progress using imagery from meaningful experiences that they enjoy.

2. Make an Adventure Out of It

This one might get a little tricky, given the coronavirus and how it might affect your community. So, maybe it’s one to keep tucked away until COVID passes and you can comfortably go out in public again.

But anyway, the idea would be to use public transportation to do the travel that you otherwise would in your car.

Ask your child to help you figure out how to get to your destination using the bus, subway, or whatever public transportation options are available in your community.

You could also hop on bikes too.

3. Put Your Kids in the Role of the Boss

Remember how you fantasized that it must be so neat to be the adult because you’re finally in charge and can do whatever you want?

It’s not quite as amazing as it seems when you actually get there, right?

Anyway, make your kids the boss on saving energy and put yourself in the role of the child.

Intentionally make mistakes so they have the opportunity to catch you doing it wrong and learn the right thing to do themselves.

You could even use this as an opportunity to whine and complain like your kids sometimes do so they understand the impact of that kind of behavior and have motivation to not do it themselves.

Your kids will only be this young once. So have fun with them every moment you can.

It’ll also help set the stage for your future relationship. They’ll remember the good times they had with you, including those unique ways you used to teach them about energy savings.


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