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Pronto Power offers the lowest prepaid electricity rates in Texas with no hidden fees, gimmicks, or hassles. It’s the formula that’s made us the highest ranked prepaid electric company in the industry. And customers always get great service. Offering Pronto Power’s services makes you a valuable and trustworthy resource for your customers.

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How It Works – So Easy To Do

You don’t have to be a prepaid electricity expert. All you have to do is promote the service using our unique “Pique and Pass” model. Simply “pique” the customer’s interest by promoting Pronto Power (however you choose), and then direct them to our call center, who does the rest of the work. In addition to great service that doesn’t use hidden fees, gimmicks, or other tricks, we also have the highest call-to-conversion rate in the industry (that means easier sales and more revenue for you).

You’ll also get a special promotional code that allows your community to benefit from the money you raise.

Power Education Center

Prepay Power Education Center – Finally Learn Everything About Prepaid Electricity

If you’re like most Texas consumers new to prepaid electricity, you have some questions. Here are some of the most common, and their answers:


How does prepay electricity work?

Just like it sounds. You pay for your electricity before you use it. With post-pay, which is what you may already be familiar with, you pay at the end of the month when you know your usage.

Post-pay companies often charge a large deposit if you don’t have a great credit score. The theory is that, since your credit isn’t the greatest, you present a higher risk of not paying. So, these companies collect a deposit in case that happens (usually a few hundred dollars, depending on your credit score).

Why choose prepaid (versus post-paid) electricity?

Prepaid electric companies have created their programs for customers who struggle financially. With prepaid electricity, you often don’t need a credit check or big initial deposit to get electricity.

You may pay a small amount down to open your account. But that’s it. Then, you can usually pay-as-you go.

It works if you have a tight budget or unpredictable cash flow. Many companies let you pay as frequently as you want – even daily if that’s what you need to do.

Why is prepay electric available?

In the early 2000s, Texas deregulated the electricity market. In other words, they opened it up to private competition. This happened instead of having just a single monopoly provider who controlled rates.

The idea was that this would increase competition and drive down rates for Texas consumers.

What happens if I miss a payment?

This is hard to do with Pronto Power. You get daily text and/or email notifications (your choice) of your account balance.

The message comes at 7 A.M. You have until 1 P.M. to make your payment to avoid disconnection.

What if I can’t make a payment on time?

Relax. It happens. Pronto Power is designed to help you out. First, you won’t pay any hidden fees.
Second, when you know you have a cash flow crunch, call us. You can get a free extension that lasts until your next paycheck. You can also get deferred payment plans to help you make it through.

Do I have to worry about hidden fees or other traps?

At many prepaid electric companies, yes. At Pronto Power, no.

Many prepaid electric companies specialize at advertising low rates to get you in and then whack you with hidden fees to boost their profits. At Pronto Power we specialize at in lowest rates, great customer service and you never pay any hidden fees.

Hidden fees simply don’t exist. And you don’t sign a contract. That means you have no risk. Simply leave and go to another electric company if you’re not happy, for any reason.

Do I save money with Pronto Power? How can I increase my savings?

Many prepaid electric companies use hidden fees to make up for low advertised rates.

At Pronto Power, you get the lowest rates, and there’s no hidden fees. In fact, our customers use up to 25% less power than the average post-paid consumer in Texas.


How is that you are wondering? At Pronto Power, we use ‘real-time readings for real-time savings.” You can also check your electricity usage in real-time at You can learn exactly how you’re using electricity right now. Your usage information gets transmitted to us from your smart meter. That means you can unplug devices and appliances to start saving immediately, or make other changes in your electricity usage as you see fit.

You no longer need to wait a whole month to make the changes, get your bill, and then find out if what you did actually helped you.

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