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Commercial Electricity Power

Predictable. Transparent. Hassle-Free. Cheap. No-Deposit Electricity for Businesses

What more could your business want from a service vendor?

Your business needs to make and save money. At Pronto Power, we help you save money on your electricity so you can use it to grow your business in other ways.

You do get the cheapest electricity available in Texas. You may see other companies advertise lower rates. But, you have to read their contract and factor in all their fees to the rate you pay.

At Pronto Power, you never pay any hidden fees at all. For any reason. Ever. What you see is what you get. It’s that simple. Really.

So, that also means you don’t have to waste your precious time babysitting your electric company’s every move. If you feel like you have to do that, you’re trapped in a win-lose business relationship. The power company wins. You lose. Instead, with Pronto Power you can focus on high-level business decisions, which is where you should spend your time.

As a business person, you know everyone’s being honest when things are simple. When a business relationship gets complicated, someone’s trying to get more of your money.

How Will You Invest the Capital You Save?

Saving money with cheap electricity means you have more available to invest in other strategic initiatives. Hire new employees to start a new project that will drive further revenue growth. Pay your existing team bonuses to boost their motivation.

Reduce your debt. Start a new marketing strategy to bring in more clients. Or, just hold onto the cash while you plan your next move.

Regardless of what you choose to do, you’ll look good to your bosses and coworkers. You’ll build more trust and credibility. And you’ll feel good because you’ve helped your company.

That’s a win-win-win.


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