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5 Surprising Energy Savings Tips

Did you know that if you turn up your thermostat during winter you can actually save more energy? Kidding! You can’t. Seriously, though, you’d be surprised with how many things you can do to save energy these days.

6 Creative Energy Savings Tips

Creativity only works in art, music, and marketing, doesn’t it? Well, sort of. When it comes to your private life, you actually have a number of opportunities for creativity because of all the options we have here in America. That includes energy savings. With so many products available, and hundreds of people blogging about any given topic, you can easily come up with all sorts of creative ways to save energy and money.

How to Save Energy in Your Home Office

It’s no secret the workforce is becoming more mobile these days. Say that describes you. You’re one of the lucky employees who gets to work from home most or all of the days of the week. You win in nearly every way. But that does mean you use more of your own energy.

How to Save Energy When You Water Your Lawn

Yeah, you want a beautiful lawn. But, it comes at a cost. And there are more efficient ways than others to water your lawn. Since we have warm weather practically year-round, you can save a pretty good chunk of change by watering your lawn in the most efficient way possible.

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