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How to Save Energy When You Buy a New Home

Considering buying a new home? Been shopping for a while, but with no luck? Relax. It’ll happen. Home-buying’s a stressful, unpredictable experience. So hopefully you’ve made a wise choice with your realtor.

The 2017 Water Heater Buyer’s Guide

Did you know your water heater is the second biggest consumer of energy in your home? It comes right behind your air conditioning system, central air, or heat pump. Few people think of their water heaters when they consider energy savings. But your water heater clearly presents a large opportunity for putting money back into your wallet.

4 Energy Saving Misnomers to Ignore in 2017

When you have any popular way of thinking catching on, there’s always some truths…and mistruths. Sometimes the latter are spread intentionally. Other times, they simply arise naturally in people’s minds.

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