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I would like to connect my service with Pronto Power, what do I need to do?

Pronto Power offers the fastest prepaid services with the best prepaid rates in Texas without gimmicks/tricks, hidden fees, or surprises. Call our sales team to see if you qualify for what Texas customers are calling the premier prepaid electric provider.

How does service with Pronto Power work?

Pronto Power does not ask for a social, perform a credit check, or ask for a deposit. Pronto Power will simply send you a daily message through email or text (or both) letting you know how many kilowatts you have used and the remaining balance on your account. (see example here).

As long you as you keep a positive balance at the time of billing (7am) you will continue to have electricity. If there is a day you cannot make a payment, just simply call in and ask about our free account protections/extensions.

How long does it take to get my power turned on?

Pronto Power has turned a customer’s power on within the hour 98% of the time. Our motto of ‘Power within the hour’ makes us the fastest prepaid company in Texas. In order to qualify for service; customers must have an active smart meter, with the meter being free of issues such switch holds, permit requirements, new construction etc. If an issue arises Pronto Power will contact the customer within the hour to update the customers of what is needed to connect the service.

Does Pronto Power offer account protection/extensions?

Pronto Power understands customers can fall on hard times and/or cannot make a payment and/or just need a couple of days till payday, just simply call in before 1pm to ask for account protection/extension.

Does Pronto Power have hidden fees or gimmick plans?

Here at Pronto Power, we pride ourselves with having The Best prepaid rates in Texas without having to use gimmicks/tricks, hidden fees, or gotchas in our plans.

If I get disconnected, does Pronto Power charge a disconnect/reconnection fee?

Pronto Power does not charge admins fees for disconnection/reconnection, just make a payment of your negative (including any defer payment loans due) balance plus $20. $20 is not a fee, it is simply to have positive funds to your account. Example: negative $2.47. Customer would pay $22.47, $2.47 would cover the negative and leave the account positive $20.

While it is rare the local utility company to charge a reconnect fee, it has happened less than 1% of the time, in these instances Pronto Power will pass the cost without a markup.

Does Pronto Power offer bill assistance?

Pronto Power does offer bill assistance in the form of free account protections, defer payment plans. Call our customer care team at 888-234-1373 to inquire which you one you qualify for.

What is defer payment plan? How does it work?

If a customer has an high negative balance and cannot make a payment, customers can request a free defer payment plan. Pronto Power will loan a customer the total negative balance plus $20. That can be repaid in weekly installments at no markup cost. Example: Account negative $10, a loan can be up to $30 that would be paid in 6 weekly installments of $5 a week. Customers can always pay the loan off sooner, customer must inform a customer care team member.

While on an active defer payment plan, Pronto Power will add a switch-hold on the account. A switch-hold means a customer cannot buy power from another company as Pronto Power will lock the meter until the loan is paid in full.

What is a switch hold?

There are two types of switch holds that can be placed on a meter by a retail electric provider; 1st an active defer payment plan or 2nd for tampering chargers. This switch hold will block a customer’s meter from purchasing electricity from any retail electric provider until the charges are paid in full . If you are new tenant just moving in, Pronto Power can assist new customers to remove the hold. Please call our customer care team 888-234-1373.

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