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10 Unique and Super-Cool Ways to Save Energy

As you read energy savings blogs, you’ll basically come across the same tips again and again. Repetition is good so things sink in. But you’ll also want to find more ways to save energy too so you increase your savings even further.

A Labor Day Weekend Guide to Saving Energy

We’re lucky here in the South because many states are winding down their summer season. For us, Labor Day doesn’t mark the end of summer. But it does mark the end of many fun things that happen in summer.

How Not To Waste 86% Of Your Home’s Energy

An analysis published by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory suggests the United States is just 39% energy-efficient.

How to Help Your Teen Reduce Their Energy Use

Teenagers aren’t an easy bunch to deal with. They’re trying to find their own independence from you, so they’re not real open to suggestions or new ways of thinking.

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