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How Electric Companies in Texas Handle Customer Service

Have you ever listened to the semi-famous Clark Howard, who’s a nationally radio-broadcasted consumer advocate?

He has some of the most helpful advice for practically any consumer issue and customer service.

…And he frequently uses the term “Customer no-service” to describe how many companies truly view their customer service department.

He’s right. And if you used that term to describe the customer service at most Texas electric companies, you’d be accurate too.

What Really Happens Behind the Scenes

Every company has some sort of publicly-announced commitment to “customer service excellence” and “leaving customers with smiles on their faces.”

They’ll say it. Who wouldn’t?

They get their reps to buy into it by making the experience good during their employee’s probation period. Of course, if the rep starts to question the way things are done during that probationary period, they don’t make it through. And then, once that probationary period ends, and assuming they’ve made it through, they’re told to keep their “call handle average” (the amount of time they spend on a call) low.

They’re not evaluated on how happy they leave customers. No one actually checks the feedback score from the survey you fill out. And in their defense, customer service reps have to play the game by the company’s rules. Because if they don’t, they lose their jobs and the income they need to live.

Why Asking for A Supervisor Won’t Help You

Many REPs either don’t have supervisors, or they don’t have any real power to do anything different than the rep you just spoke to. Many companies go as low as simply telling customer service reps to pretend to be a supervisor for their coworker.

You can get around this by calling the company’s main switchboard and asking to speak with someone by name or position. But why should you have to do that?

And how do you know you won’t be ignored in the order you called in any way?

The Simple Solution

Capitalism and a free market economy have their pluses and minuses. The plus among all this is that you can find REPs who don’t charge hidden fees or have you sign a contract.

That way, if you’re not happy for any reason, or at any time, BOOM! you go somewhere else.

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