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Why Your Home’s Soffit Is Important to Your Energy Efficiency

Estimates currently reveal that around 70% of American homes don’t meet even basic ventilation requirements.

That doesn’t sound good. But what does that actually mean?

Well, one problem that results from poor ventilation is the overheating of your attic’s air. This leads to increased air pressure in your attic, which then draws that hot air into your home.

And if it’s the middle of summer, that does two things you don’t like:

So even though your home’s soffit (which plays a key role in ventilation) seems rather inconsequential to your personal comfort and energy efficiency, it’s still a big deal.

But That’s Not Where the Problems End

Believe it or not, the ventilating ability of your soffit has even farther-ranging effects on your home.

For example, improperly installed soffit can lead to the build-up of moisture in your home. That can lead to the growth of mold, which rots your home. And of course, mold spores floating throughout the air can cause illness. This also can cause costly repairs.

Improperly ventilated and installed soffit can also heat the air so much that your shingles get ruined over time.

So yes, even though it’s quite easy to forget about your home’s soffit, it plays quite a huge role in a healthy and functioning place to live, and your energy efficiency.

What Do You Do?

Well, professional organizations recommend your home’s soffit has a “1/150” ventilation area. That means the ventilation openings in your soffit should be 1/150th of the space they actually ventilate to allow adequate air flow.

A home with properly ventilated soffit can save you around $18,000 (once you factor in energy efficiency costs and damage and repairs you avoid) over 15 years.

You can go online and learn how to inspect your soffit yourself. Or, you can thoroughly research contractors in your area and find one you trust to give you an honest opinion on your soffit.

Remember, never go with the cheapest company. Choose a few different contractors. Get several opinions. Make sure they have at least a couple decades of experience. And research their reputation online on Google, Facebook, and the BBB to make sure it’s absolutely impeccable.

You might pay a little more up-front. But you’ll pay less overall, and you’ll have far lower stress.

Good contractors know their value. And they charge it.

Anyway, your home’s soffit is yet another opportunity for energy-efficiency gains. And if yours isn’t properly ventilating now, then you’ve saved yourself some serious cash and repairs over the coming years.

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