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Why Energy Savings Is Really All About Relationships

Trying to get all your family members to agree to work towards a single goal sure can be challenging, can’t it?

Maybe you feel anxious and stressed just thinking about it.

…And that’s really the case when pretty much any goal requires the actions of more than one person to achieve.

You always have a certain amount of conflict that needs to be resolved.

And maybe you have long standing issues with one or more family members that you’re certain will come up.

That’s why you have to view energy savings not as an opportunity to save money and energy, but as a time to improve relationships with your family members (even if they’re already good).

When you and your family get on the same page, the energy and financial savings will naturally follow.

That’s because everyone in your family is happy to participate because they feel loved and respected by you.

So, let’s take a look at a few ways relationships come into play as you try to save energy:

1. What If You Have a Long Standing Relationship Marred with Conflict?

Maybe you have a child or teen who you have a difficult time with. Trying to get them to do even small things that you like seems to be an overwhelming challenge.

…And now you want them to help you save energy?

You can easily imagine them messing with your thermostat the moment you’re not looking.

Well, this is your chance to use an entirely new approach with your family member and completely rejuvenate your relationship with them.

Consider how things usually go. You ask them to do something. They don’t do it. You get angry and deliver consequences. You ask them to do it again. They avoid doing it again.

…And on and on it goes!

Well, totally blow that up. Create a rewards system to encourage positive behavior. And make sure you get their input on what those rewards should be.

Give verbal praise. Offer a hug and a,”I love you,” when goals are achieved. Offer financial incentives.

Children really want your praise and approval. So start with those first. And deliver them early and often.

2. Issues with Your Spouse

Maybe your spouse and you constantly disagree over how to handle a certain parenting issue.

Perhaps you have conflict between yourselves.

Saving energy won’t solve that. Rather, you have to deal with that issue to make energy savings happen.

Maybe now is the time to apologize for an ongoing behavior of yours, and make it right. The main thing isn’t the apology. It’s really in your genuine effort to correct the wrong.

When others see you actually change, rather than just talk about it, wounds will heal. Attitudes will improve. Conflict will disappear.

Trying to get everyone in your family to save energy will reveal what your family does well together, and what problems you have.

And it could be just the mechanism you need to work through some of your most challenging issues.

But on the other side of that difficulty is love, happiness, peace, joy, and saved energy and money!

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