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When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

Your furnace doesn’t get as much of a workout as one might in, say, Michigan.

But that doesn’t mean you completely ignore your furnace either. It’s still a source of significant potential energy loss.

So, how do you know when you should replace your furnace so you have an energy-efficient one?

Truthfully, there’s several signs. And here’s what to look for:

1. Age

Furnaces can last 20 years, and even longer. But you should at least begin to consider replacing your furnace when it becomes 15 years old.

The typical furnace lasts around this long before requiring significant repairs or conking out entirely.

And usually, 15 years is more than long enough for industry innovations to substantially improve energy efficiency for furnaces.

An old furnace can also possibly be dangerous. A faulty heat exchanger could lead to a carbon monoxide leak. The pilot light could start a fire in your home.

So once your furnace hits 15, at least begin thinking about replacement.

2. Uneven Heating

If your home feels hotter or colder throughout, you have a good chance of having an old furnace.

You could also have poor insulation or ductwork. And you could have a furnace that’s too small or large for your home.

Anyway, uneven heating certainly may indicate the need for a new furnace. So, it’s a good time to do a home energy audit and figure out if your furnace is the problem.

3. Repairs Have Increased a Lot

What’s “a lot” mean?

If your furnace has had many more repairs in the last couple years, that’s a sure-fire sign your furnace is on its last leg.

If this describes your situation, you have no doubt it’s time to look for a new furnace.

Besides, a new one will cost you less to fix in the long run and give you more peace of mind right now.

4. Your Energy Bills Are Way Higher

You do have to factor in the weather and how much you need to use your furnace here a little.

However, if you have a furnace that’s too old and losing efficiency, your energy bills will be consistently much higher than they have been during similar temperatures in the past.

HVAC companies frequently offer 0% financing for a period of years, which makes installing a new furnace affordable if you don’t have the cash to purchase one right now.

So, those are 4 key times you know it’s wise to consider replacing your furnace.

Remember that not only will you save energy, but you’ll save on repairs and your own personal stress too.

So, make it happen as soon as you can!

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