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What’s the True Status of the Climate?

You’ve heard experts shouting about the roof caving in on climate change for decades now.

…But then you see all this talk of sustainability and lots of great initiatives from businesses and American citizens alike.

So, what’s the case with the climate? What’s really going on with it now?

Are we on as bad of a path as we were back in the 1980s and 1990s? Have we improved?

What’s likely to happen? What needs to happen?

With all the news media yammering on and on today, and much of it not based on fact of any kind, it’s hard to tell what’s really going on.

So what’s the deal? Here’s some of the evidence we were able to find:

1. Glaciers Are Melting and Sea Levels Continue to Rise

NASA’s Earth Science News Team confirms that global warming continues to melt glaciers. And of course, sea levels will continue to rise as a result.

However, what’s not clear is the rate at which this will happen in the future.

The processes that cause the largest glaciers in the world, located in Greenland and Antarctica, are incredibly complex and difficult to study.

The reason these glaciers are such a big deal is that they contain most of the freshwater stored on all of the earth.

Basically, currently the glaciers work like pointing a hair dryer at an ice cube while the ice cube is also sitting in warm water.

Clearly, that’s not a good situation for the glaciers. But it makes it difficult to understand exactly what’s causing what.

2. Things Don’t Look Good from the UNFCC

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change did its most recent study in 2007, and they painted a rather worrisome picture.

They concluded that the “[w]arming of the climate system is unequivocal and can now be firmly attributed to human activity.”

Some of their more interesting findings include:

They have quite a list of problems climate change will cause if you read the rest of their document.

3. More Confirmation Global Sea Levels Continue to Rise

The World Meteorological Organization has found that global mean sea levels continue to rise.

On a positive note, the WMO has been able to improve their ability to measure climate change, which can be a challenge.

So basically, the bottom line is that we’re still going in the wrong direction overall. Quick research didn’t yield much of any discussion of the progress we’ve made (although it’s certainly happened).

The point is that whatever you can do to save energy is still vitally important to the future health of the earth. Other societies may lag behind, but it’s most important to focus on what you can control.

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