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The Ultimate Energy Savings Mini-Guide for Texans

Down here in Texas, we use energy way differently than our fellow Americans up in Minnesota. Less sunlight, less warmth, and more cold make Minnesota winters pretty brutal.

Meanwhile, in January, we’re getting temperatures around the 50s. That seems pretty normal to us, although it is much cooler than we get in the summer.

Anyway, the point is that every region of the country has its own energy savings nuances. Up in Minnesota, they’re going to spend much more time sealing doors and windows to save energy and stay warm in the winter.

Meanwhile, here’s what you can do down here in Texas:

1. Use Window Awnings

That sun ain’t so nice during the middle of summer. It’s quite helpful warming your home up during the winter. But, it’s not so helpful in July.

Simply install window awnings from spring to summer. They don’t cost a lot. And they save a ton of energy. They’re simple to install too.

2. Plant Trees on the East and South Sides of Your Home

This is the long-term alternative to installing window awnings. Plus, those trees will pull some carbon dioxide out of the air and add more oxygen.

Planting trees on the east and south sides of your home means the sun gets blocked from hitting your home during the summer. Make sure they’re deciduous so they lose their leaves and let the sun through to warm your home during the winter.

Also, before you plant trees of any kind, make sure you do your research and talk with landscapers. You don’t want to plant the trees too close to your home and then find their roots causing cracks in your foundation or their branches falling on your roof.

There is some science to it, so it makes sense to talk with someone with experience before moving ahead on your own.

3. Install a Heat Pump for Heating Your Home

Heat pumps do run on electricity, which is usually more inefficient than any other form of energy. However, in moderately cool states like Texas, they end up being quite efficient because they don’t need to work super hard to heat your home.

Heat pumps save around 30% more electricity than furnaces. But you’ll never find someone in Minnesota using one to heat their home.

Heat pumps simply pull heat in from the air outside and move it inside to heat your home. They do the reverse in summer to help cool your home.

For us Texans, those are pretty solid energy savings tips guaranteed to work.

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