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The Texas Fall Energy Savings Guide

Fall is here on the calendar, but how much does it really feel like fall outside?

The truth is fall probably starts at a little different temperature for everyone.

When do you begin to think fall has actually arrived?

Whatever your preference, fall will actually be here soon enough.

And you can begin to prepare for some serious energy savings now by following these simple steps:

1. Set Those Ceiling Fans To the Opposite Direction

You’ve heard us talk about ceiling fans during the summer. And even though they don’t appear to make a big difference, they do affect your comfort more than you realize.

During fall, set your ceiling fan to turn clockwise. And also make sure to run it at a low speed.

This creates an updraft that moves warm air trapped by your ceiling around your entire room.

It’ll increase your comfort so you don’t feel the need to rely on your HVAC system.

The low fan speed keeps the air pushed on you from becoming too cool and making you uncomfortable.

2. Inspect Your Home for Leaks and Cracks

Those pesky leaks and cracks can cause you problems all year long. And to top it off, little insects and critters can find them and open them up again.

The most common places you can find leaks and cracks include around your electrical outlets and switches, door and window frames, public utility entrances, baseboards, weather stripping, fireplace, attic hatch, window-mounted AC, and any vents or fans you have.

If you don’t trust yourself to find leaks and cracks visually, you can find them using a simple method. On a cool and breezy day, light an incense stick and pass it near the areas of your home just mentioned.

The outdoor breeze will blow through and suddenly push the incense stick’s smoke, revealing the source of the leak.

Probably the most forgotten of all of these is your attic hatch. When it has a leak or crack, this actually creates a condition called “stack effect.”

Because of the difference in temperature and moisture between the outside and inside of your home, air naturally wants to rise up and escape. It’ll find any path out that it can, which includes escaping through your attic hatch.

You’re also wise to have your entire attic sealed, if that’s in your budget.

3. Let the Sun be Your Friend

The brutal Texas sun appears to be your enemy during the summer. But then during the fall (when it actually cools down), the sun becomes your greatest ally.

Leave your blinds open and let the sun heat your home so you don’t have to pay for that.

As an added bonus, pull your blinds shut when it gets dark out to add a little more insulation.

Every little bit counts!

That’s more than enough to get started. Even though a couple of these tips take just a few minutes to implement, sealing leaks and cracks can be quite a project.

In any case, all of these tips give you additional energy savings!

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