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How to Stay Energy Efficient While on Vacation

Thinking of taking a vacation this summer? Or maybe you’re planning way ahead for taking a vacation in winter.

How’re you going to save energy at home then? You don’t want to come back to an unexpectedly high energy bill. If you’ve got a smart home where you can remotely control things like your thermostat, then this should be easy.

But, since that’s not a standard option for everyone, we’ll walk you through a few things to look for:

As much as you love the AC, it unfortunately consumes much of the energy in your home. Set it for a reasonable temperature for when you get home – and possibly turn it off entirely.

If you’re concerned about your pets, leave your AC at 72 degrees or so. Each degree you raise the temperature reduces your energy bill by 2-3%. Or, plan to have a neighbor come and check on your pets…along with your AC.

It gives you warm and comfortable showers, but your water heater consumes some of the most electricity in your home. If you’re like most people, it doesn’t even cross your mind to turn your water heater off.

But since no one’s going to take a shower while you’re gone, just turn it off. If electric, turn off your circuit breaker. If it’s gas, turn the gas valve off.

When you return home from your vacation, let your hot water tap run before you turn the gas on again. This ensures your hot water heater tank has water in it. If it doesn’t, and you try to get hot water from it, you can damage it.

Nearly every appliance can consume some power…even when not operating. It’s called “vampire energy drain.” And you’re not just doing this for the power. If you have a thunderstorm while you’re gone, you’re guaranteed you won’t have any damaged appliances.

You may need to leave a couple lights on to make your home more intimidating for crooks to enter. You may not be able to have them on automatic timers, which is okay. But it’s a good idea, if possible. And, they’re sensible to have anyway because they’ll help you save energy even when you’re home.

Your vacation may cost you money and come with some surprise charges. But your home energy bill doesn’t have to. And if you follow these tips, you won’t come home to any unexpected surprises.

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