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How to Save Money And Energy with Your Heat Pump

Simply by owning a heat pump, you can easily save big money over having a furnace.


By their very nature, heat pumps save a ton of money and energy.

Heat pumps use electricity. But unlike a furnace, they don’t use that electricity to generate heat.

That’s where they gain their efficiency versus furnaces. Heat pumps only use electricity to keep themselves on and running.

But if you only have a heat pump, how do you get the most efficiency out of it?

Here’s what to do:

1. Use a Programmable Thermostat

They’re the Swiss Army Knife of every home energy efficiency enthusiast. A programmable thermostat, or a smart thermostat, increases your heat pump’s already excellent energy efficiency.

Set the temperature 6 to 8 degrees lower at night, and watch significant savings roll in!

2. Mistake to Avoid: Using the Emergency Heat Setting

If there’s one thing you never do with your heat pump, it’s to turn on the emergency heat setting.

View it like you would the self-destruct button you’ve seen on movies or cartoons!


Because it’s incredibly inefficient. And it really doesn’t heat your home any more effectively anyway.

The only situation where the emergency heat setting makes sense is when your heat pump isn’t working at all and you have no supplemental heat source.

Consumers commonly think that “emergency heat” works best when it gets particularly cold outside.

Plus, many HVAC companies don’t know any better and will recommend you turn on your emergency heating setting when it gets cold outside too.

The emergency heat setting doubles or triples your heating costs!

And consumers frequently forget they leave it on…only to figure out they’ve done so when they get a massive energy bill at the end of the month.

You’re much better off using your supplemental heat source if the temperature falls below 35.

3. Stick To “Heat” and “Cool”

With your heat pump’s thermostat, just keep it simple. Turn on “heat” when you want it warmer inside and choose “cool” when you want your home cooler.

Typically, for the best energy efficiency, you should keep your thermostat below 70 degrees during winter.

And you should also keep the temperature as consistent as possible, without changing it too much for the best efficiency.

So, that’s a simple guide on how to maximize energy efficiency with your heat pump.

And now you can be sure you reap your heat pump’s incredible energy savings!

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