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How to Save Energy with Your Kids This Year

What values do you pass down to your children? Which are so important that it would drive you insane and make you feel like a failure of a parent if they didn’t eventually live that value out in their life?

Energy savings and being environmentally friendly may or may not be one of those. Regardless of how important you find this, here are some ways you can use to plant seeds in their minds about this topic:

1. Use Rechargeable Batteries in Their Toys

It seems like every toy without a digital screen requires at least a couple AA batteries. You can go nuts replacing and buying them.

Well, instead of that, simply buy rechargeable batteries. That saves you a trip to a store. It saves you money from having to buy completely new batteries.

And you save electricity by simply recharging an existing battery (versus buying a new one). Plus, you don’t have to dispose of a battery that may go out and cause harm to the earth later on.

All valuable opportunities to teach your children about energy savings.

2. Use LED Lights in Their Rooms…And Everywhere If You Can

Most outdoor decorations now use LED lighting. The real expense comes with indoor LED lights.

While they cost a lot more than their CFL counterparts, LEDs save so much electricity they’re like using no electricity at all.

You can explain that to your children as you install LED lights in their rooms.

3. Vampire Energy Drain

Smartphones, TVs, video game systems, and even chargers for your kid’s toys don’t necessarily turn off when you press the switch on the power device. And many chargers don’t stop charging, even when the toy is fully charged.

So, show your children how to use a surge protector. Maybe even show them how to use a smart surge protector, which requires practically no effort at all.

And even if you don’t have a smart surge protector, explain why they have to turn it off when they leave it.

4. Model Energy-Saving Behavior Yourself

Kids may constantly fail to do what you say, but they never fail to imitate what you do.

So whatever you tell your children to do with energy savings, make sure you do it yourself. And maybe you could even ask them to remind you if they see you forgetting or making a mistake.

Kids would love the opportunity to temporarily be an adult!

There are endless strategies you can use to teach your children about energy savings. And hopefully, these four get you on the right track to start.

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