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How to Save Energy This Winter

Hopefully you don’t experience electric bills costing thousands of dollars like many Texas residents did this past February!

The only thing that will save you from that is being with an REP you trust.

And when you find that REP, you can optimize the savings you get from them by changing your own behavior.

Here’s what to do this winter:

1. Let the Sun Help You

Nothing’s more helpful than nature itself! Keep your blinds and curtains open during the day so the sun shines in and warms up your home.

Make sure you have a smart thermostat installed so it automatically adjusts for the warmer temperatures in your home.

2. Keep Your Ceiling Fans Going the Right Direction

The “right direction” during winter is clockwise. And the speed should be low.

This creates a gentle updraft which actually pushes the warm air near your ceiling down toward the floor.

As a result, you feel warmer and have less of a need to raise the temperature on your thermostat.

3. Dress Warmly in Your Home

Ahh, the abundance of choices in America is wonderful, isn’t it?

Look for thermal “base layers” to wear when around your home.

You can find these at your local retail stores or practically anywhere online.

They’re simply clothes you can wear under your outermost layers that keep you warm.

4. Cover Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan

When not in use, your kitchen exhaust fan still ushers out the warm air already in your home.

So, simply cover it to keep more of that warm air inside your house.

5. Save Energy in Your Kitchen

Believe it or not, energy use in your kitchen can count for as much as 15% of your overall energy use.

Your oven actually uses quite a bit. Rather than opening the door to check your food, simply look at the oven light, or set a timer.

Consider a slow cooker, multicooker, or your microwave to save energy.

6. Let Someone Else Pay the Bills

Go and do things at your local library, community center, or other climate-controlled facility.

Let them pay for your energy use!

7. Use Energy Monitoring Software to Improve Your Habits

We can’t possibly cover all the ways in which you use energy.

So, take the time to study how you use it. And then change your behavior.

Some REPs offer free energy monitoring software that shows exactly how much energy you use in real-time.

Use it to create your own custom energy savings plan.

That’s what we have for you in this winter energy savings guide.

What ideas do you have that we didn’t cover?

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