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How to Save Energy: Laundry Room Edition

Laundry. No one likes to do it. But everyone’s gotta do it.

Don’t you wish you could just hire that out?

You can. But then you have the budgeting issue.

But, maybe you could use the money you get from these laundry energy savings tips to do just that.

That way, you save time. And you can use that time to do things you’d rather do, like spend time with your family…or just rest.

Anyway, here’s how you can save energy in your laundry room:

1. Use Cold Water

Your washer and dryer are two of the more costly appliances in your home. Ahead of both is your hot water heater.

When you wash with hot water, that uses hot water from your hot water heater. And washers frequently have a heating element to heat the water even further.

Using warm water cuts your energy use in half. And using cold water reduces it even further.

Plus, if you use cold water detergents, you’re guaranteed that you don’t have any sacrifice in cleanliness.

Enjoy those big savings!

2. Always Wash Full Loads

Your washer always uses the same amount of energy, regardless of the load’s size.

So figure out what the max is that you can still get clean…and wash away!

3. But Always Dry the Right Size

Unlike your washer, your dryer dries most efficiently with exactly the right size load. Fill it too full or with too small of a load, and it loses much of its efficiency.

Consult your user guide to learn the right size. Or give the manufacturer a call. Or, research and ask other consumers online.

4. Add Wool Balls to your Dryer

What could wool balls possibly have to do with drying your clothes more efficiently?

They create space between your clothes so more of the warm air gets between them. As a result, your dryer dries far more efficiently.

Some people claim wool balls also soak up some moisture, which also helps reduce dry time.

Regardless of what they actually do, they certainly cut your dry time.

Go ahead and time your dryer’s dry time to see for yourself!

5. Choose the High-Speed or Extended Spin Cycle

This setting removes as much moisture as possible from your clothes before applying heat.

It also has the added benefit of reducing the wear on your clothes because they don’t get exposed to the high heat nearly as long.

Can’t remember all this? Type it up on a piece of paper. Print out the directions and tape them on the wall or your washer and dryer.

Then you remember exactly what to do and why you do it.

…And you follow through and watch the savings roll in on your next energy bill!

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