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How to Resolve 3 Barriers to Your Family Energy Savings Goals

Ahhh…whenever you have more than one personal involved in anything, there’s bound to be some disagreement.

And in your family, you probably know the points of conflict before they even happen.

How do you work your way through them so you can all achieve your goal of saving more energy?

Well, let’s talk about some and what you can do:

1. Reducing the Heat in Winter or Increasing the Temperature in Summer

Everyone likes to be comfortable. But people have different ideas of what comfortable feels like.

Some can tolerate changes more than others. So what do you do if you have one or more family members who don’t want to get a little less comfortable?

Start with a constructive conversation. Ask their opinion first and listen, rather than laying down the law.

Explore ways they could stay comfortable even with your HVAC temperature changing. For example, in winter, could they wear a set of thermals underneath their regular clothing? You can get plenty of comfortable and stylish options.

Or, when it’s blasting hot out and it seems to make no sense whatsoever to increase the HVAC’s temperature, could you start with just a single degree increase and see how it goes?

Make sure you ask their ideas too. When someone else comes up with their own idea, they always buy into it more from the start.

2. Avoiding The Use of Hot Water

Using hot water any way in your home is one of the larger energy expenses you have.

What if nobody wants to decrease the length of their showers?

Well, it’s simple enough to start by taking some tasks out of the shower. For example, shaving, washing your face, and brushing your teeth can all take place outside your shower.

And each one can take a couple to a few minutes of hot water usage away.

If you use about 5 gallons of water per minute in the shower, that’s a nice energy savings, even if just one person in your family makes the change.

3. Leaving Your Tech Devices on All Day Long or Their Chargers Plugged In

You might have family members who don’t want to remember to do this. It’s inconvenient. It’s annoying. It’s yet another thing to pay attention to.

Well, you could try leading them with a carrot. For example, come up with a calculation of the dollars saved per month if all tech devices were turned off when not in use, and their chargers were also not plugged in when in use.

Then, let your family member choose a reward to get with half of the money saved.

For example, they can go out for ice cream (or whatever it is).

You generally get a much better response out of people if they’re led with a carrot (versus a stick approach, which involves adding a punishment for not reaching a goal).

Well, that’s it for now. It’s usually not easy and you get some conflict at first when implementing a family energy savings plan.

And hopefully these tips help you resolve that and get everyone happily working towards your goal.

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