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How to Reduce Your Pool’s Energy Usage

Your pool is a huge investment. Whether you have an above-ground pool or a built-in model, the power needed to keep your pool healthy and clean can be expensive. Read your University Park electric company’s suggestions on how to lower the energy consumption on your pool, separated by area.

According to the United State Department of Energy (USDOE), water evaporation constitutes the highest amount of energy consumption for pools. Every gallon of evaporated water wastes 8500 BTUs as approximately 1.25” of water is needlessly removed from the surface of your pool.

Wind leads to water loss, and windbreaks disrupt the pattern. Plant tall vegetation around your pool to stop wind from blowing across the surface of your pool. In lieu of a windbreak, install a pool cover.

Even Texas is cold in the winter, and many pools are equipped with heaters to allow swimmers to enjoy a dip in the pool even in January. Invest instead in a solar blanket, or if a heater is necessary, purchase a solar heater rather than an electric one. The USDOE reports solar blankets are able to decrease heating expenditures anywhere from 50-70%.

A dirty filter requires more energy to force water through than a clean filter. Clean your pool regularly to make it more energy efficient. More modern filtration systems are more efficient and require less backwashing. Less backwashing leaves more water in your pool. Filtering twice a day at shorter intervals cleans more thoroughly than one long cycle.

Incandescent lights eat 80% more energy than LEDs. Since LED lights last 3 times longer than incandescent bulbs, this decision is a win-win.

Especially if your pool is older, it is likely your pump and filter — and heater if you have one — are not as energy efficient as newer models. New Energy Star pool pumps have variable speeds (up to 8) to match the amount of effort your pump needs to expand to keep the water clear. Keep in mind, pool pumps are second only to air conditioners for energy consumption.

Operate your automatic pool cleaner approximately 3 hours during the summer and 2 hours in wintertime. Clean the basket filters and skim the top for any debris.

Remembering to turn on the pool filter is one thing; turning it off is another. You might tell yourself you will turn off the filter at 4:00, then suddenly remember as you turn in for bed. A timer will ensure your pool’s maintenance schedule is on track.

For more energy-saving tips on your pool and beyond, contact Pronto Power, your University Park electric company, at 1-844-621-2852.

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