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How To Reduce Heat Used by Apartments with Electric and Homes with Gas

If you can’t afford your own home, you’ll find yourself in an apartment. But regardless of where you end up, how can you minimize your heating costs?

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Smart thermostats are a can’t-fail investment
  2. Get everyone in your family on the same page
  3. Weather stripping and window film are quick wins

It’s readily doable if you’re willing to take just a little time out of your insane schedule to make it happen.

And here’s precisely what to do:

1. Smart Thermostats Have the Quickest Payoff

If your landlord doesn’t already have a smart thermostat installed, see if you can talk him into installing one.

Smart thermostats pay for themselves in less than a year, making them the quickest energy efficiency improvements to entirely pay off what you invest.

They make sense for apartment renters. And there’s absolutely zero doubt they make sense for homeowners.

If you only do just a single thing, install a smart thermostat. You can do it easily, even if you’re not great at working with your hands.

2. Time for a Family Meeting!

The hardest part of saving energy lies in coordinating a group of people so that they focus on achieving a common goal.

Everyone has their opinions. And you might be relatively new to the whole concept of living with someone to please other than yourself.

Avoid a battle of wills and whose way is “best.” That just leads to sour feelings for the party who doesn’t get their way. And, they most likely won’t follow through with their side of the deal anyway.

If there’s one place you want to have peace, it’s in your home or apartment.

Compromise yourself where you can. Get compromises from your significant other.

Make sure everyone feels like they got something so everyone’s happy. And then your goal of saving energy, has the greatest likelihood of becoming reality.

3. Add Weather Stripping and Window Film

Apartments in Texas are frequently guilty of having single-pane windows. They let in a lot of cold air during the winter.

Your home may have single-pane windows too.

No worries. Simply apply window film, which provides a little additional insulation. It’s inexpensive, easy to install, and your landlord should have no problem with it.

Use weather stripping to seal any cracks around your doors (particularly at the bottom) or windows. Again, it’s inexpensive and easy to install.

Those are the things you can do which require the least time and money and give you the biggest payoff.

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