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How to Maximize Your Energy Savings Without Making Yourself Miserable

Do you get kind of irritated when you read another electricity savings blog and they give you absurd, completely impractical tips?

For example, to save water you should take a 3-minute military style shower, which saves much water and a nice chunk of electricity or gas required to heat that water.

…But do you really want to take a 3-minute shower?

Do you really want to torture yourself in that way when you’re used to taking a 10 – 20 minute shower?

And besides, you can still help the environment by simply being a little more conservative in how long you shower.

Plus, remember how activists used to cite that we’d be completely out of oil and have a serious fossil fuel crisis by 2040, 2050, or whenever, and then there would be all this horrible pollution ruining the earth by then?

…And now we know that electric cars will be mainstream, plus wind and solar energy will be used to generate much more of our electricity (rather than coal).

So all these purported ills that would lead to catastrophic consequences have turned out to be not such a huge deal after all.

And that’s why you don’t have to be militant about saving energy, basically engaging in self-torture just to save an insignificant amount of energy anyway.

So here’s some ways you can save energy without sacrificing any of your personal comfort:

1. Install a Low-Flow Showerhead, Faucet, and Toilets

These are great ways to save water, and especially heating water, because that’s one of the largest users of energy in your home.

Figure where you use the most water, and start there.

2. Turn the Thermostat Up or Down Just a Few Degrees

During summer or winter, be willing to adjust your thermostat just 2-3 degrees. Every degree makes a big difference.

But you don’t have to spend your entire summer sweating like a hog or your entire winter hiding under a down blanket.

Install a Nest thermostat to increase your savings a little further.

3. Seal Vent, Window, And Door Leaks

This one actually has no compromises on your part. Vents, windows, and doors are the most likely places to have leaks. So that’s where to look to start.

You can also light an incense stick and move the stick around your ductwork and walls to locate any other leaks.

4. Install an Energy-Efficient Water Heater

Yep. We’re back to water-heating again. But this one again requires no sacrifice on your part (except some money).

Find an energy-efficient water heater. If you have a family of less than 4, you can do just fine with a tankless water heater.

If your family is 5 or larger, look for a high-efficiency water heater long before you actually need to install one.

If you wait until yours fails, then it’s easy to go with whatever’s available, which could be highly inefficient.

Yes. Saving energy does not mean you have to torture yourself or your family.

And now you know some simple ways to save energy without sacrificing your own comfort.

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