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How to Keep Your Indoor Air Quality High Without Skyrocketing Your Electricity Costs

With COVID-19 doing its thing, you may have additional concerns about the quality of the air in your home.

Just what the heck gets into your home from outside? And, does that mean lots of COVID-19 viruses can find their way in too?

Well, you can control your indoor air quality (IAQ), but without driving your electricity costs through the roof too.

Here’s how you can keep everyone in your home safe from COVID-19 without spending a small fortune on it:

1. Use the Right Cleaners

Avoid petroleum-based products. They emit chemicals and VOCs into the air when sprayed. Instead, use the ones with the lemon scent made from fresh lemons.

That way, you disinfect your home as best you can without harming your IAQ.

2. Keep Your HVAC Fan On

Most days now will probably be pretty hot here in Texas. But even on ones that aren’t, or when we finally get into the transition between hot and cold, keep your HVAC system’s fan on.

That circulates air throughout your home.

How does this help your IAQ?

Just by moving air around your home, that assists in removing harmful air particles. As an added benefit, it can also keep humidity levels below 50%, which prevents mold growth.

And, yeah, running your fan doesn’t cost a lot either.

3. Change Filters

Having a dirty filter and blowing that filth all throughout your home? Ick.

Remember that when you run HVAC fans more frequently, you will need to change your filters more frequently also.

You may even do it more than once per month.

Make sure to give your filter a lookover every couple weeks. Maybe take a picture with your phone to keep a record of how dirty it gets so you know the right time to change it.

4. Install an Air Purifier

Do just like it sounds. Make sure it’s HEPA.

And to maximize your energy savings, make sure you do thorough research and choose an energy-efficient one.

5. Add More Plants

No one knows the precise benefits plants have on IAQ. All we know is that they do in fact help.

At this point, it appears that plants do have a very limited ability to lower the concentration of particulate matter. However, plants should really be the lowest thing on your list.

Yes. You can keep your IAQ high and reduce the possibility of getting COVID-19 without breaking the bank.

And now you have a simple plan to do just that.

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