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How to Help Your Teen Reduce Their Energy Use

Teenagers aren’t an easy bunch to deal with. They’re trying to find their own independence from you, so they’re not real open to suggestions or new ways of thinking.

Ideally, you’ve been training them to be energy-efficient since they were much younger and more receptive to what you had to say. But whatever’s happened is done and in the past.

Here are some ideas for helping your teen save energy:

Since your teen will want to do things their own way, don’t aim for big changes. Just ask them to unplug their electronic devices when they’re done so vampire energy drain doesn’t use electricity. Ask them to turn their devices off completely instead of using sleep mode.

Your teen will be out of the house in a few years, or maybe even sooner than that. People in general, as well as teens, are most willing to change their behavior when they get something out of the change.

If they help you hit certain goals, take them out for pizza or ice cream. Or give them part of the savings in cash.

Have a conversation with them about what reward they’d like to get their cooperation from the start.

Pronto Power allows real-time monitoring of your electricity use online. You can unplug your appliances, devices, or turn off your heating or cooling system and watch your electricity use fall.

Seeing the instant change, and using technology to make it happen, may help engage your teen more.

Eventually, your teen will move out and have to pay for their own electricity. When in college, money will be scarce.

And who knows? Money may be highly scarce for years to come even after college.

The more you can show your teen how they’re benefitting from this, the more likely they’ll be to buy in.

Is your teen mostly distant and non-participatory? Try putting them in charge of managing your energy. It’s also their job to remind everyone in your household of the energy-saving habits they’re supposed to be using.

Teens don’t like authority, so they might respond well by being in authority. And, you can use the situation as an opportunity to model your teen’s behavior back to them and show them what you have to deal with on a daily basis!

Every teen is different, so you’ll have to find what works best with yours.

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