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How to Have Energy-Efficient Fun with Outdoor Lighting

Hey, it’s okay to have a little fun once in a while, right?

How often do you think you’ll entertain guests for the rest of the year?

You can impress them with a beautiful outdoor lighting display. And that display can be energy-efficient too so it doesn’t cause any harm to the earth.

Here’s some ideas on what to do:

1. Use Solar-Powered Lights

It’s the simplest solution in sunny Texas. Whether you use string lights, ones on poles, pathway lights, wall-mounted lamps, or even security lights, let the sun power them.

This uses absolutely zero electricity from the grid.

You just can’t do any better than that.

Do make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions for the number of hours of sunlight needed for your lights.

The only drawback is your lights may not make it through the night, if that’s a concern.

2. LEDs

These lights are so ridiculously efficient it’s not even funny, as you know.

If, for whatever reason, you just can’t stand to use solar-powered lights, then go with LEDs.

They do use a little electricity. But, only a miniscule amount.

They come in different colors that can offer a neat effect. So, they can be a little more fun than their solar counterparts.

The only con is that you have to remember to turn them on and off.

3. Use Motion Sensors and Timers

But, you can easily put an end to worrying about turning LEDs on and off with a combination of sensors and timers that works for you.

Only want these lights on when people are around, whether friends or would-be crooks? Put your LEDs on a motion sensor.

Need your lights on specific hours only? Put them on a timer.

4. Add Dimmers

While you’re at it, don’t forget about dimmer switches!

Nearly everyone forgets about dimming switches. But, simply dimming your lights so these use 10% less voltage actually doubles their overall life.

It’s the small things in life that are really the big things!

5. Automation

Okay, so this one’s going to cost you a good chunk of change. But, maybe it’s in your budget.

Or, maybe it’s something you just like to fantasize about.

Either way, you can automate all the lighting inside and outside of your home so you don’t even have to think about turning it off – or on.

And you can even turn it on or off from anywhere in the country.

That’s all there is to it. Pretty simple. Have fun with your friends and enjoy reasonable electric bills!

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