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How to Deck the Halls with Energy Efficiency in Mind

The holidays are time for decking the halls with boughs of holly as well as plenty of electric décor. When you pull out last year’s ornaments, take a look at how efficient they are or whether it is time to change to more energy efficient decorations. Pronto Power, your Carrollton prepaid electricity choice, has information on a selection of energy efficient decorations you might enjoy decking around your halls.

Energy-efficient lights

Look at the label on your lights: are they LED? If not, consider swapping them for energy-efficient LED bulbs or strands. The Department of Energy reports that qualified ENERGY STAR-rated strands use 70% less energy than incandescent bulbs and last 25 times longer.

Consider also the lower energy demand with LED lights means you can string together not 5 strands, which is all an outlet can handle with incandescent lights, but a whopping 43 strands of LED lights! If you have small elves helping you decorate trees or outdoor shrubs, know that LED lights are cool to the touch and will not burn little hands.

For a larger one-time investment but no energy costs afterward, look into solar-powered lights. A small solar panel wedged in your front yard powers tons of tiny twinkling lights or gobs of dangling icicles.

Do you need electric décor?

Boughs of fresh-cut spruce or pine add more than just ambience – they smell great, too! Create wreaths, garlands, and table runners from cut branches and twigs of either a purchased tree, or fresh boughs from the trees in your backyard. This fun, imaginative project may become a treasured holiday tradition!

Use a fishbowl and add different-shaped ornaments for a centerpiece, or fill a rustic basket with potpourri and candles. Fill your outdoor bushes and trees with sparkly ornaments that glint in the sun rather than glow at night. With so many decorative options to choose from for inside and outside the home, it is difficult to choose which one is your favorite.

If you are a fan of large, inflatable yard ornaments, you’re in luck! These use less energy than you imagine – on average only 150 watts of power. Just remember to power them down before you retire for the evening.

Baking bonanzas

If your idea of holiday decorating involves massive amounts of baking or cooking to deliver holiday cheer, group your cooking in one large session rather than smaller sessions since it takes less electricity to keep the oven on while cooking 12 dozen cookies at once than turning the oven on for 2 dozen at a time over the course of several cooking sessions.

No matter what holiday you are celebrating, you can find methods to make it more energy efficient. Learn more great tips on sticking to an energy budget by calling Carrollton’s prepaid electricity leader, Pronto Power, at 888-400-6632.

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