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How Dehumidifying Your Home Can Save You Electricity This Summer

Your HVAC system by far accounts for most of the electricity usage in your home. So, if you want to save the most electricity, that’s the first place to look, right?

Well, we have a new way for you to increase your savings even further. And it’s one not many homeowners know about.

Here’s how dehumidifying your home saves you electricity:

1. Run Your HVAC System Much Less

The more moisture in the air, the more uncomfortable you feel. Typically, most people feel comfortable with about 40-60% relative humidity.

A dehumidifier takes that moisture out of the air, making you feel more comfortable. As a result, you don’t run your air conditioning nearly as much.

And boom…there’s your savings!

To give you a more concrete idea, if you run your AC one hour less per day, you save around $20.

2. Less AC Maintenance and Repair

Any machinery that runs wears down and requires maintenance and repair – even the best machinery on the market.

It may need less repair and maintenance than many competing options. But nonetheless, it will require some repair.

You can take those costs down even further because you won’t need to operate your HVAC system as much when you dehumidify your home.

3. Other Indirect Savings

Dehumidifiers can also help you save money generally in other ways. Less moisture means less damage to wooden furniture. It also means lower chances of having mold or mildew growth in your home.

And this also improves your health. So, it could save you a trip or two to the doctor and the costs of buying a simple medication.

Dehumidifying Options

Because we get so much humidity during the year here in Texas, you might consider a whole-home dehumidifier. However, you’re looking at $2,000 – $4,000 to purchase the unit and install it.

If that’s not in your cost range, you might consider a portable unit that you simply keep in the most used rooms of your home. Make sure that unit has a humidistat so that you know the humidity levels in your home, or purchase a hygrometer ($10 – $30) so you can learn where to keep your humidity levels.

Anyway, dehumidifying is a great way to save on your electric bills. And now you have a plan for doing just that!

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