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Heat Pump Water Heaters Have 3x More Efficiency than Traditional Water Heaters

What’s the biggest energy hog in your home?

Yep. It’s your HVAC system. That always uses the most energy. And there’s not really anything you can do to drive it down to second place.

But, speaking of second place, that spot’s held by your water heater.

Now, thanks to the innovation of heat pump water heaters, you can replace yours and reduce the energy it uses by up to an astounding 71%!

It’s not often you can find energy savings opportunities that large with any of your appliances!

A private company collaborated with the Northwest Energy Alliance to create this product. The goal of the two organizations is to give consumers more efficient electric water heaters.

We don’t want to mention names because we don’t want to come across as endorsing a particular brand of heat pump water heater.

It’s simply our goal to make you aware of this so you can save big!

Why Do Heat Pump Water Heaters Save You So Much Electricity and Energy?

First, it’s important to understand heat pump water heaters do not reduce your water flow in any way. For example, if you have four people in your family using hot water all at once, they’ll get the same access to hot water they always have.

So, you don’t have to worry about fights over who gets to use what and when!

Your heat pump pulls in heat from the air that surrounds it. This heat warms the water in the storage tank. And your heat pump can pull this off even if the air surrounding it feels cool to you.

This process simply heats your water in a much more efficient manner than gas or electricity ever can.

By far, the biggest cost to you in the process lies in the water heater itself. To reduce that, look for:

Whether your home was built recently or decades ago, your hot water heater represents a huge opportunity to score big energy savings.

Talk to your plumber to learn more about heat pump water heaters.

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