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Have You Heard of Energy Star’s HVAC Verified Installation Program?

Did you know that around half of all HVAC installations aren’t done correctly, which costs consumers like you big-time electricity and money?

You’ve probably heard plenty of chatter about the issue. And maybe you’ve even experienced it for yourself.

For whatever reasons, the HVAC industry suffers from a lack of standards and oversight. Sure, you’ll always end up with a working HVAC system. But, many HVAC contractors don’t use the tonnage of your AC system when figuring out the installation, for example.

So, that can leave you with an HVAC system that’s not quite right for your home, and which also bleeds energy and money.

What’s the Big Deal about Verified Installations?

These installations are a huge deal for you, the consumer. If the contractor you’re evaluating doesn’t have this certification, you must ask yourself,”Why is that?”

That’s because smart and experienced HVAC contractors know you want what this certification gets you:

How Does Energy Star’s Verified Installation (ESVI) Program Work?

As a consumer, it’s pretty easy on you. You simply need to find an ESVI-approved contractor.

As you evaluate various contractors, simply ask them if they are ESVI-certified.

Behind the scenes, the contractor has either worked with a local utility or another EPA-certified third-party company. The contractor has perfectly clear awareness of what they must do to get this certification.

And the certifying organization will test and verify their installation to make sure the contractor follows all guidelines.

So yes, if you find yourself in the market for a new HVAC system in the coming year, make sure you request this from your contractor.

And if they don’t have ESVI certification, simply move on to the next contractor because smart, trustworthy ones have it.

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