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Coppell Electric Company Shows You How to Save Power in the Spring

It’s warming up in Texas! Before you know it, the intense heat will be here to stay.

Now is a great time to enjoy the comfortable temperatures while they last. And while you’re at it, do these five things to save more money and electricity this spring:

Get Your Ceiling Fan Running the Right Direction

Did you know that running your ceiling fan costs about 10% of what it does to keep your AC on?

That’s massive savings right there! Interestingly, your ceiling fan does nothing to reduce the air temperature in your home.

However, the breeze it blows on you makes you feel cooler. And when you feel that way, you don’t experience the need to crank the AC.

Just make sure you run your ceiling fans the right direction. In spring, that’s counter-clockwise. This pushes the air down on you, helping you feel more comfortable.

Put Your Exhaust Fans to Work

Your exhaust fans are designed to move hot air from your kitchen and bathroom outside. But that doesn’t mean you only need to use them while cooking or taking a hot shower.

Instead, you can use your exhaust fans when your home feels too warm. Just like using your ceiling fans, this helps you feel more cool and comfortable so you don’t have the need to turn your AC on.

Allow for Optimum Airflow

Unless you’re the type who tolerates intense heat and humidity, you won’t be able to avoid turning your AC on entirely. At some point, you’ll have to cave in and let it run.

When that happens, this Coppell electric company recommends you make it easy for your AC’s air to easily flow around your home. That means clearing your baseboard and registers of all obstructions so the conditioned air flows freely and keeps you cool and comfortable.

Pull Your Shades

Shades block the sun’s rays and warmth from entering your home, keeping you cool. When you first make this change, any shades will do.

If you really want to keep your home as cool as possible, consider investing in insulated, thermal-backed drapes. They keep even more of the sun’s light and heat out of your home than regular shades.

And that means greater savings!

Open Your Windows

Yes, if the temperature outside isn’t too hot, opening your windows can be a great way to cool your home.

This results in a crossing breeze in your home. You’ll feel cooler. And again, you’ll feel less inclined to run your AC.

At Pronto Power, we’re the Coppell electric company who saves you the most. Make sure you use these tips, combined with the cheapest rates, for the most savings you can get in Texas!

Give us a call at 1-844-621-2852 or contact us online to learn about how our prepaid electricity services can save you money.

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