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Your Children Can Save Energy Any Time of Year with These School Supplies

Okay, so maybe back-to-school shopping season has already passed. But that doesn’t mean your child, whether they’re in grade school, high school, college, or even going back to college for a second time, won’t need supplies again in the near future.

They can actually save energy with these unique supplies:

We thought we’d start off big and give you a completely out-of-the-ordinary suggestion first. This alarm clock runs completely on water, without a single bit of electricity. Simply fill the tank, and it’s good to go for 8-12 weeks.

But, will the time suddenly be wrong once those 8-12 weeks are up? Nope. Bedol thought of that and included a memory chip which stores the time. When you refill your clock with water, your time comes back on with perfect accuracy.

Are you a plastic and paper bag lunch person? You’ve probably heard about the harm these bags eventually cause the environment. In addition, they lead to the deaths of many animals. And remember, it takes energy to produce them. They’re also not that cheap for your budget either.

Bento Boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials. If you like to think financially, they pay for themselves in about 3 weeks.

They also have water-tight, leak-proof containers you can use to store food items like yogurt.

What? How can a stapler work if it doesn’t use metal staples? This stapler uses a thin paper strip that stiches up to four pieces of paper together.

This reduces your energy use and environmental impact. And, those paper staples are recyclable.

No, we’re not getting into Halloween with these. “Vampire” energy drain refers to electronic devices that consume energy while sitting in standby mode. Appliances, video game consoles, smartphone chargers, TVs, and many other electronics consume energy even when turned off completely and not in use at all.

And that’s where these chargers come in. They don’t use energy when they’re not charging. They only use it when they do charge.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be a one-time event you forget and never do again. It can be a lifestyle. And any of these products can be a simple way you help your children understand how to use less energy.

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