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A Labor Day Weekend Guide to Saving Energy

We’re lucky here in the South because many states are winding down their summer season. For us, Labor Day doesn’t mark the end of summer. But it does mark the end of many fun things that happen in summer.

Fun, vacations, the kids being at home…these things all come to an end. So if you’re doing some celebrating with your family, here’s how you can save some energy at the same time:

Lucky enough to own a boat and have convenient lake access? Make sure you don’t ram around too hard in it. Go easy on the throttle to save gas.

Take the least amount of stuff you need with you so you don’t weigh your boat down too much. If you can be careful enough, fill your tanks only to half full. While this does require a trip for refueling, you won’t use as much fuel as you would if you had a far heavier load in the first place.

Most of the waste in propane happens when you preheat your grill. Make sure to minimize your preheating time, which typically needs to only be 5-10 minutes.

Less travel means less fuel wasted and less time spent traveling. If you’re traveling around Labor Day weekend, analyze your route.

Can you make it shorter? Are there other fun things you can do to that reduce the distance of your trip? Could you do something spontaneous and surprising that you normally wouldn’t to keep your trip interesting?

It’s a great way to save some fuel.

If you can, purchase a fuel-efficient vehicle. Whether you can or can’t, drive closer to the speed limit. Not as fun, but it saves fuel and improves your safety.

The best thing you can do in this case is to watch your AC usage because that’s always the greatest consumer of electricity. Keep your shades down to keep the sun out and your home cool, which helps your AC run less. Long-term, consider planting deciduous trees so they provide leaves to keep your home cool during summer, but shed them during the winter so the sun can hit your home and help warm it up.

The Most Important Thing Over Labor Day Weekend Isn’t Saving Energy

It’s spending time with your family. Teach your family about savings and efficiency. But don’t become so obsessive about it that you overdo it.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend!

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