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9 Little-Known Winter Energy Savings Hacks

You’ve heard all the standard ways to save energy on this blog before.

Those no doubt lead you to the greatest energy savings.

But, you can save even more if you’re willing to take some out-of-the-box actions like these:

1. Only Wash with a Full Sink

Yes, dishwashers do save you water versus washing the dishes yourself. But, that’s only if you run the tap the entire time you wash.

To optimize your water savings, fill your sink with dishes and water. And then only run the tap for a brief rinse once you have all the food off your plates.

2. Ladies, You Don’t Need Water to Shave Your Legs

Shaving your legs with water does add some convenience. But truthfully, it’s not necessary.

Just make sure that you’re not in a rush when you need to shave!

3. Air Dry Your Dishes

Your dishwasher may have a setting for drying that doesn’t require heat. Use it.

If it doesn’t, you can also just open your dishwasher and let the air dry your dishes.

Or, you can just put your dishes on a drying rack.

4. Pack Your Dishwasher Full

You know how much your dishwasher can hold before you notice a decline in the cleanliness of your dishes.

Fill your dishwasher that much to save energy.

That’s because your dishwasher uses the same amount of energy regardless of the size of the load.

5. Run Your Appliances During Off-Peak Times

Does your REP charge you more or less depending on the time of day you use electricity?

Give them a call to find out.

Then, simply run your appliances during the off-peak hours to save money.

6. Rinse Only with Cold Water

Your water heater needs to kick in and heat water if you rinse with it.

But it doesn’t need to do anything at all if you rinse only with cold water.

Since your water heater is one of the primary energy users in your home, this represents a nice savings!

7. Always Cover Your Food in the Fridge

Not only does uncovered food go bad in a hurry, but it also costs you energy!

That’s because it releases moisture, which causes your fridge’s compressor to kick in.

8. Use Your Toaster or Microwave

Both of these small appliances use less energy than your oven. Use them as often as you can.

9. Wash Big Loads – Dry Small Ones

To optimize energy use from your washer and dryer, wash the biggest loads possible and dry the smallest ones you can.

Your washer uses the same amount of energy no matter how much you put in. Your dryer uses less energy with smaller loads.

While little-known, these energy savings tactics aren’t that crazy or difficult to do (for the most part).

Maybe all you need to do is slap a brief instruction guide on the side of your fridge, washer, or dryer so you remember exactly what to do.

Which will you add for maximum energy savings today?

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