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7 Smart Device Types To Gift This Holiday Season

Smart home devices aren’t just for tech geeks anymore. They’re for everyone.

Maybe you have a spouse who would never be capable of installing them, but nonetheless would appreciate the benefits they offer.

They could be a great way to score some points. And they offer plenty of energy savings benefits too.

So here’s some ideas for giving smart devices as gifts this holiday season:

1. Smart Assistants

This includes well-known devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. For the energy savings benefits, set them up to control your lighting system, HVAC, blinds, or appliances, for example.

And you know all about the other conveniences they offer.

2. Smart Home Hubs

Basically a smart assistant with a graphical interface, smart home hubs make it easier to control all the devices around your home.

You can control literally hundreds of devices with a smart home hub, which may be more versatility than a smart assistant offers.

3. Smart Home Sensors

These less-discussed smart devices do more than you think. For example, they can detect an open door or open window and notify you of such.

While this offers obvious security benefits, you can use that feature to increase your energy savings too.

4. Smart Lights

Connect these to your smart hub, and it can analyze your need and usage patterns so you optimize your energy efficiency without having to control your lights yourself.

You can also remotely control and program smart lights yourself, if you’d rather do it that way.

But either way, you have clear energy savings opportunities available.

5. Smart Plugs

These devices turn any formerly non-smart device into a smart one. For example, an antique lamp from decades ago can now become a smart device simply by plugging into a smart plug.

Smart plugs can be set up to work with your smart hub or any smart assistant.

6. Smart Thermostats

You can’t discuss energy savings with smart devices without bringing up smart thermostats. They pay for themselves fast. And they increase your comfort…while decreasing your energy usage.

7. Smart Kitchen Appliances

Control them with your hug or smart assistant and only run them when you need to. Make sure they’re off so they’re not vampires sucking electricity when not in use.

Smart devices offer energy savings limited only to your personal ingenuity. Give the gift of convenience, and energy savings, this Christmas with a smart device your family member or friend appreciates.

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