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7 Bathroom Energy Savings Tips: Summer Edition

If you’re serious about saving energy, you’ll analyze how you use it in every room in your home and make the efficiency improvements you can.

So, let’s take a look at your bathroom and see what gains you can make:

1. Collect the Cold Shower Water

You know those seconds that pass while you wait for your shower to heat up?

That’s water, well, down the drain!

So, collect it in a bucket. Then use that water for your lawn or garden!

2. Time for a Low-Flow Showerhead

You don’t have to make yourself miserable to save energy. Certainly, some tips will take you down that route.

But truly, you don’t have to sacrifice much comfort to save.

Many low-flow showerheads can be found which still provide you plenty of water to take a satisfying shower, while also saving water.

If you don’t get one that makes you happy at first, try another.

3. Add a Faucet Aerator

You won’t even notice any change with this one. An aerator connects to the end of your faucet and adds more air to the water you use.

While you use less water because of this, you still get all the water you need to do the task at hand.

4. Install a Low-Flow Toilet

Your toilet needs no more than 1.6 gallons per flush to do its job.

If you don’t know how much water your toilet needs, Google the make and model to find out.

If it’s in your budget, install a new toilet. If not, add a plastic bottle filled with water to your toilet’s tank.

What’s that accomplish?

It takes up space that water would otherwise use. And that now-absent water doesn’t get flushed with each press of a handle.

More water saved without any sacrifices on your part!

5. Turn Off the Water While Brushing or Shaving

You only need water when you rinse. So only use it at that time. And again, no sacrifice to your personal comfort…or hygiene!

6. Monitor Your Electric Toothbrush’s Charging

You don’t need to leave your electric toothbrush charging all night, every night. It only needs a few hours of charging each week (at most).

So make sure you plug it in only for the time needed to actually charge it.

7. Air-Dry Your Hair

You don’t necessarily need to use your hair dryer and straightening iron after every shower.

Save it only for special occasions.

Or, if you’re truly hardcore, always air-dry your hair after every shower. It’s not truly necessary.

So yes, you can save energy in your bathroom during the summer without any major sacrifices to your personal comfort!

Which of these tips will you use first?

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