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6 Business Energy Savings Tips

Competition is always fierce in America, and you can use every extra dollar. Those dollars can lead to innovations that could protect you from your competition.

Many businesses don’t do all they can to save energy. So they leave money on the table. And that’s where you can get a leg up on your unsuspecting competitors.

Here’s some of the most common energy wasters at your company, and what you can do about them:

1. Lights

Yep. Nothing astonishing here. Ever look around at other offices when you leave work at night?

You see all sorts of lights left on.

The cheapest solution is simply to make someone responsible for turning them off. You can also install timers to automatically shut them off.

And while you’re at it, make sure every one of your lights is LED.

2. Space Heaters

These energy savings thieves wreak havoc in homes and businesses. A single 1,500-watt space heater adds about $25 per month to your electric bill.

For one space heater, that’s not bad. But, if you have multiple space heaters, that changes the story.

Do a quick “space heater audit” and figure out how you can optimize your heating efficiency without their help.

3. Copiers

This one’s shocking. A University of Cambridge study found that leaving a copier on all night burns the same energy it takes to produce 1,500 copies.

The simple solution is to make someone responsible for powering them down at night.

4. Phone Chargers

These get referred to as “energy savings vampires” because they suck energy even when not plugged into your phone.

However, you can deal with this easily. Plug them into power strips, and then turn the power strips off at night.

5. Computers

Laptops use somewhere around 90% less energy than desktops. Sure, they cost more up-front. But they have greater savings down the line.

Also, make sure that no one uses screensavers, which actually increase your energy costs by $50 per year or more. Instead, simply set your laptop to go into sleep mode when not in use.

And just like your phone charger, laptop chargers suck energy when plugged in and not actually connected to your laptop. So plug those into power strips and turn them off at night.

6. Let the Sun In

An article at Harvard Business Review calls natural light “The #1 Office Perk.”

Yes. Employees prefer this over fitness centers, on-site cafeterias, on-site childcare and every other imaginable perk you could throw at them.

Use it to not only make your employees happier, but also to reduce your need for artificial lighting.

That’s how you can easily save more on energy at your business.

And it could free up enough capital to start your next project that leads to a major breakthrough!

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