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5 Ways to Save Power by Changing Your Lighting

The obvious answer to saving power with lighting changes is to switch to energy-efficient bulbs, but even these bulbs are not as efficient as they can be. Pronto Power, your Wilmer electric company, offers 5 ingenious ways you can save money on your energy bill with changes to your lighting.

A switch for every doorway

Most people don’t appreciate turning off the light at one doorway, then walking across a dark room to a second exit. Installing a light switch at every door allows consumers to easily toggle the lights on when entering and, even more importantly, off when exiting. Energy saving happens more frequently when it is simpler.

One and done

A beautiful entrance chandelier is a statement, but all those bulbs, even if they are LEDs, add up after a while. Keep it simple with a decorative light fixture offering as much light as you need, not an excessive amount of wasted light and energy.

Decrease the wattage

Think of areas where lights are super bright. Maybe a factory or an office comes to mind. These scenes are probably not the ambience you wish to portray in your home. Soft lighting is generally sufficient in areas where family and visitors are walking through, such as hallways or dining areas.

If you find you need task lighting only on a few occasions, choose a dimmer switch and a corresponding bulb that can change its wattage. Dimming the lights reduces energy, but the option of an occasional bright light is a nice touch.

Utilize lamps

Task lighting for reading or needlework works significantly better than an overhead light, especially when the overhead light is centrally located and seating areas are against the walls of the room. Lamps add a special ambience not generally offered by overhead lights, and significantly aid in preventing eye strain for anyone completing a task.

The right light

Look at the lighting section in most stores and you will be inundated with choices: old-fashioned incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), and light emitting diode bulbs (LEDs). Of these, the most efficient by far is the LED.

The average household spends 15% of its electrical costs toward lighting. Defray a huge chunk of that by installing LEDs, which last 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs, and consume approximately 90% less energy than incandescent.

Want even better news? The finest LED bulbs have an Energy Star rating to help you shop for the best lighting possible.

Many brands of light bulbs now offer the ability of remote lighting, so if you forget to turn off the lights when you leave home, your phone can take care of that task. The best advice, though, is to simply train yourself to turn off the lights you are not using. Learn more about how you can keep your home properly lit while conserving energy by visiting Pronto Power’s blog page, or give one of our knowledgeable Wilmer electric company Pronto Power reps a call at 1-844-621-2852 today.

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