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5 Ways to Save Money Around the House

Out of ideas for saving money, and still finding yourself with a tight budget?

Truth be told, you always have more ways to save money available if you really want to look for them. However, you won’t have to look far that because we have some ideas right here:

Drink Water

Soda, tea, coffee, flavored water, bottled water…it all costs a lot more than water. Get yourself a water bottle and keep it on hand. While other liquids may hydrate just as well, nothing quenches your thirst quite like cold water.

Make Your Own Food

Yes. This costs you time. But it puts more money in your pocket. Remember, stores and restaurants have to pay for the labor (whether machine or human) to make food. So, save money by making your own instead.

No More Vices

Cigarettes, alcohol, fast food, and, yes, even sugary coffee drinks, are all costly vices. When these are consumed in excess, you have to consider additional medical costs that can pile up too.

Some vices hurt you without improving your life in any way. But you can still have an occasional latte, alcoholic beverage, or fast food meal without causing significant harm. Just don’t make them part of your regular diet.

Wash in Cold Water

Most of the cost in washing your clothes comes from heating up water. And practically all clothing can be washed in cold water. Keep in mind that you don’t actually need the special detergent recommended for washing in cold water either!

No Need for Fancy Cleaning Supplies

Vinegar and baking soda will do the job for the vast majority of things. You don’t need the latest, greatest cleaner purported to clean anything without any effort.

Repair Fast

Anytime you notice something breaking down in your home, repair it as soon as you can. Many products have warranties, so before taking on a major repair yourself, check to see if the item is covered.

If it’s a simple repair you don’t know how to do, fire up YouTube and learn! Repairing things at the first sign of trouble prevents more costly repairs later on.

The general rule is to take on basic repairs yourself. If it’s more than you think you can handle, then consider hiring a professional.

Affordably Decorate in Style

Decorating your home on a budget doesn’t have to mean going with inferior products. You can have a nice-looking home on a budget.

Ebay, Craigslist, estate sales, yard sales, and thrift or consignment stores have many treasures lurking around in them. Consider it an adventure in decorating!

Choose Prepaid Electric

Prepaid electric plans are simpler and cheaper than their postpay counterparts. While not every Duncanville prepaid electric company offers one, they can be found.

Not only do you get lower rates, but you avoid the hidden fees and other traps found in postpaid plans.

We all need a little more financial comfort in our lives. Which of these ideas do you find most helpful?

Give Pronto Power a call at 1-844-621-2852 or contact us online to learn about how our prepaid electricity services can save you money.

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