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5 Ways College Students Can Save Electricity

It’s rough being a college student, right?

Teachers expect a full-time effort. Somehow, you have to put in work hours at low-paying jobs so you can pay for some of your own expenses…and possibly an apartment.

Meanwhile…the university piles up a crushing amount of debt that will likely take you greater than a decade to pay off!

So, somehow you have to make it all work. And that means every little bit you can save helps.

If you’re a college student, here’s how you can save money on your electricity bills:

1. Unplug Unused Chargers/Devices

Make this easy by plugging them into a surge protector. Then just flip the switch off for all your devices and chargers so you don’t forget each individually.

They all consume a little bit of electricity when left plugged in and not charging.

2. Spend As Much Time on Campus as You Can

Instead of using your own electricity, use the campus’s. Heck, you’re paying good money for an education there, right?

So you might as well get what you paid for.

Of course, don’t waste the campus’s electricity either. But do make good use of it.

3. Leave Off the HVAC

Find ways to avoid using your HVAC in summer. That’s hard because Texas heat can get intense…and it lasts a long time.

Maybe this is where the campus’s electricity comes in the most handy again!

You might also try running a dehumidifier. Every hour you can run that dehumidifier keeps you cooler and more comfortable because it takes that moisture out of the air.

This costs your electricity, but it results in a net savings because you’re not having to use your HVAC system.

4. Use LED Light Bulbs

LEDs have incredible energy efficiency. Your apartment certainly won’t come with them. Most likely, you’ll have CFLs.

If you purchase your own LEDs, which can last 20 years or more, keep the old CFLs in a box in storage.

When you have to move out, take your LEDs with you and put the CFLs back in. That way you can get all the savings and earn your money back.

5. Compare Electric Providers

Watch out! Texas is loaded with electric companies who can’t wait to gouge you for as much as they can. Be very weary of contracts.

If you get an offer too good to be true, it is. For example, you may get an offer to pay 2-5 cents per kWh. Then, when you sign the contract and break an intentionally set low threshold, you have to pay another $200, driving your rate up to 25 cents per kWh.

The national average hovers around 12 cents per kWh. So that’s what you should expect to pay. You may find some cheaper deals which are legitimate deals. Just be weary as you compare!

College life isn’t easy. So hopefully we’ve helped you take a little bit of the load off with these electric savings tips!

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