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5 Most Common Myths About Air Conditioning

Your air conditioner seems to run all the time, and your utility bills are so much more expensive in the summertime. As a Combine prepaid electricity consumer, you want to know if what you heard about air conditioning and air conditioners is fact or fiction before you decide to purchase a new air conditioner. Pronto Power has compiled cool answers for your burning hot air conditioning questions.

The bigger the air conditioner, the cheaper the bill

When HVAC specialists visit your home, they will determine how much square footage an air conditioner will need to cover to figure out the tonnage (size) necessary to cool or heat your home. A smaller air conditioner will work constantly, but one too large will start and stop so frequently it will wear itself out. Every time the air conditioner kicks on, it takes more power, which means your energy bill with a larger air conditioner will actually be higher. Follow the experts’ advice: they are not talking you into a more expensive air conditioner because they receive a commission, they are explaining the most appropriate air conditioner for your home.

Air conditioners and heaters are totally separate

While air conditioners are responsible for cooling incoming air, heaters warm it. But the blower fan that circulates the air in your home is part of your heater and works for both systems. Therefore, the blower settings and the air conditioner settings need to be the same or your air conditioner will not work properly. Many HVAC specialists recommend replacing heating and air conditioning units at the same time.

Filters that look clean do not need to be changed

Filters should be changed every 30-90 days. When tiny particles clog the filters in large numbers, your air conditioner has to work much harder. Besides, a new filter cleans all those little particles from the air. Do you really want to recirculate that? If you use HEPA filters or denser filters, you may be able to change your filters less frequently.

Lowering the thermostat when I come inside will cool the house quickly

In a word, no. Even if you are sweating profusely and want to be cooled quickly, lowering the temperature from 76° to 72° will take a while. Consider a quick shower or standing under a ceiling fan for better results.

As an aside, only turn on fans when you are in the room. Fans cool you, not the air. They only circulate cool air. If you are not in the room, nobody benefits from the circulating cool air and you are wasting electricity by running the fan.

Conversely, raising the temperature too much when you leave is also not a great idea. With a programmable thermostat, increase the temperature by 5° when you leave home. If you come home at the same time every day, program your thermostat to begin changing the temperature before you arrive. Because air conditioners control humidity levels as well as temperature, it is not recommended to turn off the air conditioner completely when you leave.

I should wait until my air conditioner is not operating properly before I replace it

Air conditioners are your biggest user of electricity. Newer air conditioners work much more efficiently and can pay for themselves in a few years. If your air conditioner is currently not working properly, it is time to start shopping for a new unit.

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