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5 Forgotten Fall Energy Savings Tips

Saving energy often takes hard work…but not in the case of these energy savings tips!

So what exactly can you do to save energy in fall that others likely overlook?

Here’s how you can save a little more than the average homeowner:

1. Install a Reusable Furnace Filter

You should always change your furnace filter. In Texas, you only need to do this every 1-3 months.

Check your filter monthly. Replace it if it’s clogged with dirt and dust.

To get the edge on other homeowners, purchase a reusable furnace filter. It costs more up front.

But you save more money down the line. Simply wash it off when dirty.

2. Only Wash Big Loads of Laundry

Did you know your washer uses the same amount of energy no matter how much you wash at one time?

Yes. Too big of loads can mean your clothes don’t get clean. Don’t overload your washer.

But do wash as much as you possibly can for the most efficient energy use.

3. Audit Your Electric Bill

REPs do make billing mistakes. If you notice strange numbers on your bill, analyze a little further into the situation.

In Texas, it is legal for REPs to estimate your usage for three consecutive months.

To hold them accountable without putting in too much work yourself, simply read your meter at the beginning and end of each month and take a picture of it for proof.

One Haltom City woman was charged $341 for gas one month. But her bill actually turned out to be $24.49!

And then her next month’s bill was $141 when it should have actually been $77.

You can read her whole story here.

4. Cut Drying TIme 25%

Want to help your dryer do its job and reduce drying time 25%?

It’s easy! Just toss in a dry towel when you start your dryer.

It helps soak up water from your clothes so your dryer doesn’t have to work as hard.

For added efficiency, dry your lightest weight clothes first. This builds up heat in your dryer, which can then be used for your heavier clothes.

It cuts drying time too.

5. Boil with a Cover On

Your water gets to boiling point faster when you put a cover on your pot.

For added energy savings, only use the amount of water you need to adequately contain what you need to boil.

Don’t fill your pot anymore than you have to.

Well, there you have it!

5 energy savings tips, and actually a few more hidden in there also that other homeowners don’t implement.

Which will you use next?

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