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5 Fall Energy Savings Mistakes That Skyrocket Your Utility Bills

It’s tough to save energy amidst all the busyness in life. As a modern American, you have more on your plate to remember and manage than any other human in history.

There’s a reason why, even though our country offers one of the best standards of living in history, you’re still highly stressed and not as happy as people in less affluent countries.

Never fear! Here’s a concise list of the top energy savings mistakes to avoid so you don’t have to harry around, trying to figure out what to do:

1. Forgetting to Use Window Film

It’s still too hot to use window film. But towards the end of fall and near the beginning of winter, consider installing it on your windows.

It’s basically plastic wrap that goes on your windows. It helps insulate your home and keep the hot air in.

Your other options are to install completely new windows that insulate your home better, or to use honeycomb shades or thermal lined drapes.

Drapes and shades can easily cost you several hundred dollars. And in the case of new windows, you’re looking at thousands.

Window film is cheap, and you can easily get it online or at your nearest hardware store.

2. Not Insulating Your Attic Door

Failing to insulate your attic door can actually cost you a lot of money the entire year.

What happens is that, because of temperature and moisture differences between the inside and outside, air naturally wants to escape.

It’ll find any way out it can. This is called “stack effect.”

It happens any time of year, and particularly so when you heat the air in your home.

3. Leaving Your Fireplace Damper Open

Few things comfort you more than relaxing in front of your fireplace.

Go ahead and enjoy it!

When you’re done, just remember to close the damper so that wonderful warm air in your home doesn’t escape.

4. Not Insulating Your Water Heater Or Its Pipes

Anyone can insulate a water heater and the piping that runs to and from it.

Get a water heater blanket for around $20 and wrap it around your water heater.

Then put a pipe jacket around the hot water pipes that run to your water heater (for around another $10).

Total cost? $30.

Total savings? Around 7-16% per year!

5. Forgetting Your Doors

Here’s another cheap and easy thing to do: get door draft stoppers for all your exterior doors.

Again, you can get them anywhere. They seal that crack just beneath your door and prevent air from flowing in or out.

None of these tips require amazing DIY or handyman skills. Anyone can do them. And they provide quick savings in excess of their costs.

Here’s to your energy savings!

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