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5 Energy Savings Tips for Your Bathroom

You don’t normally think of your bathroom as a place to look for energy savings.

So maybe that makes this overlooked room ripe with opportunity?

It does.

And you can absolutely reap some energy savings by optimizing your bathroom’s energy use.

Here’s some potential savings opportunities:

1. How You Use Water Represents Your Greatest Energy Savings Opportunities

Okay, so we cheated a little. This one takes place partially in your bathroom and partially out of it.

Water heating is by far the biggest energy consumer in your home.

Gas is way more efficient than electric.

And tankless water heaters are much more efficient than ones with tanks.

The drawback of tankless water heaters is that they won’t provide hot water for very long if you have a family of more than 4 and all need hot water at once.

You also have some control in this case. You can shorten the length of your shower, or even get a low-flow showerhead.

If you have a traditional water heater, a water heater blanket keeps your water a little warmer and saves you some energy.

2. Hair Dryer and Other Electric Devices

You actually have a number of electric devices in your bathroom. And the most inefficient one is your hair dryer.

Letting your hair air-dry represents a substantial energy savings opportunity.

If you have electric razors, toothbrushes, or hair straighteners, keep them unplugged. They can consume a chunk of electricity when plugged in and not in use.

3. Lighting

Make sure you have at least CFLs and ideally LEDs in your bathroom.

If you have kids, get motion sensors or timers so you can keep the lights turned off when no one’s in your bathroom.

One unintended benefit of energy-efficient lighting is less heat generated. That means you’ll feel more comfortable when in your bathroom.

4. Only Use Your Exhaust Fan When Needed

These fans perform a valuable function in removing heat, humidity, and foul odors.

However, remember they do their job within 15-20 minutes. You have no need to run them any longer than that.

If you can’t remember to turn a switch off, or if you have family members who can’t, install a timer or motion sensor.

5. Use Energy Star Appliances

When you purchase any new fixtures or appliances for your bathroom, look for the Energy Star logo.

This means the appliance or fixture has been tested and confirmed to be more efficient than non-Energy Star products.

Yes, when you add everything up, you have some nice energy savings you can find in your bathroom.

Enjoy the extra cash and feeling like you’re doing your part to care for the environment!

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