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4 Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Need to save? Afraid the Texas heat waves won’t just break your will, but your budget too?

Many consumers get a little nervous about that.

But, every extra little thing you can do to save on your electric bill helps.

And here’s some more ideas that can help you save too:

1. Get Paid to Save

No joke here! Ohmconnect is an interesting app that pays you a little money to stop using electricity.

Basically, it involves you stopping the use of your electricity during a brief window of time. During this time, electricity use gets so high that electric companies actually are willing to pay you to stop using electricity.

That’s because keeping your electricity on requires them to keep an expensive plant running, which is reserved exclusively for peak operating times.

Ohmconnect notifies you of an intense time of demand coming up via email or text. Then, if you reduce your electricity usage below your forecasted usage, you can get a cash payment or entry into a drawing for a prize.

Neat way to save, huh?

2. Don’t Use Your Hair Dryer

Any appliance that heats or cools sucks a lot of electricity. So, use a towel to soak up that initial pool of water in your hair. And then, let the air do the rest of the work.

3. Give Your Air Conditioning a Boost

This one doesn’t work like you might think at first. But it’s really simple. When it’s cool enough at night (and in the early morning too), let the cool outdoor air in your home.

Turn off your AC. And then, when it starts to get too hot for you in the morning, close the windows and fire up your AC again.

You may have heard that it’s not efficient to cycle your AC on and off frequently. However, if you do it this way where you have your AC off for many hours at a time, you do end up with a net savings.

Plus, you also get that unique sense of refreshment that only letting in the cool outdoor air provides!

4. Turn Your Lights Off More Efficiently

Many homes have much or all of their lights on all the time – when no one actually benefits from them being on!

Now if you have CFLs or LEDs, this doesn’t cause the impact on your light bill that it used to.

However, it still makes a difference. And it’s easy to implement.

Make the new rule around your home that the last one out of a room always turns the lights off.

So yes, when it comes to saving on your electric bill this summer, you now have a few more tools in your arsenal.

What’ll you do with your extra savings?

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