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4 Unexpected Benefits of Energy Efficiency

Do you realize the good you do beyond just saving yourself energy and money when you make energy efficiency a priority?

Yes. The world at large benefits too.

So, you do some selfless good also.

Here’s some benefits the rest of the world gets when you choose to be energy-efficient:

1. Decrease the Chance of Many Diseases, Including Cancer

Okay, so you haven’t found the cure for cancer by being energy-efficient.

But at the same time, you do reduce our nation’s use of burning coal to generate electricity.

Believe it or not, the first coal power plant was built all the way back in 1866. Doesn’t it seem odd we still use coal to generate electricity here 152 years later?

Anyway, Texas is one of the states that leads the nation in burning coal to generate electricity. And about 25% of our entire nation’s electricity comes from coal.

Burning coal releases all sorts of awful carcinogens in the air. And it leaks arsenic into our water.

Your energy efficiency reduces this effect, which leads to fewer serious diseases and cancer.

2. Increase National Economic Growth

The International Energy Agency says GDP could increase by .25% to 1.1% per year with wide scale energy efficiency adoption.

That number’s for European countries, who are much more energy-efficient than the United States. So, we have much greater potential for growth.

Higher GDP means more jobs and economic stability. That means more money in the bank for you. It also increases our nation’s relative strength versus other global powers.

3. Improve Child, Senior, and Your Own Health

Homes without energy efficiency retrofits have greater incidences of cardiovascular and respiratory conditions. The same goes for arthritis and allergies. Stress and depression decrease also.

Plus, that means fewer trips to our ultra-expensive healthcare system.

4. Help Those in Poverty

It’s hard to say how much responsibility those in poverty have for their condition. Some do nothing to improve their situation. But then again, you can remember times where you worked your tail off but couldn’t get anywhere positive financially either.

Using less energy means lower demand on the grid. That means lower costs for everyone. So, you’re doing those in poverty a small favor when you reduce your energy use.

If you’re struggling with motivation to reduce your energy use, maybe those reasons will help.

Bet you never thought you were doing so much good by simply turning the lights off a little more often!

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