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4 Surprise Summer Energy Savings Mistakes to Avoid

Hey, everyone makes mistakes right? It’s part of being human.

The problem doesn’t lie in making the mistake. It lies in making the same mistake twice.

In other words, it’s important to learn from the mistakes you’ve made. Because then you grow and improve.

And in this case, you put a little more money in your pocket and help the earth out a little too.

So let’s get right to those summer energy savings mistakes:

1. Drafty Windows

New windows? No way!

That takes a lot of money. So it would be a big mistake.

Believe it or not, the real problem has nothing to do with your windows at all!

Basically, cool air exits your home through your basement and then gets replaced by warmer air from the outside. As this happens, it causes a suction effect that moves a lot of air from through your basement (in summer) or attic (in winter).

So, you can feel drafts around your windows as a result.

However, replacing your windows isn’t going to stop this (in most cases). Instead, air seal and insulate your basement (to stop this in the summer) and do the same in your attic (to prevent the effect from happening in winter).

Still skeptical? Research “stack effect” around the web for proof!

2. Closing Some Vents

Leave ‘em open!

If you want to reduce your cooling costs, closing only some events in rooms you don’t use actually uses more energy.

This increases air pressure throughout your entire AC system. That forces your AC to work harder to keep you cool.

This also reduces the life of your AC system, which could lead to a costly repair down the road.

So, just leave all your vents open for the greatest efficiency!

3. Forgetting this Unusual Strategy to Blow Warm Air Out of Your Home

This tip really works, even though it sounds a bit strange. It may or may not be best on super-hot days. But it could be a good alternative for those less intense temperatures.

Basically, you take two box fans and place them in your windows. One should go on one side of the room and be pointed to blow warm air in your home. The other should go on exactly the opposite end of the room and be aimed to blow warm air out of your home.

It’s a low-tech, cost-effective way to blow warm air right on out of your home.

4. Not Switching to LED Light Bulbs

Not a joke here either. LEDs actually radiate even less heat then CFLs and incandescents.

This won’t lead to a great reduction in the temperature in your home. But every little bit helps.

There you go.

Now how many of those summer energy savings tips did you already have on your list?

Add the ones you don’t already use, and stay a little more comfortable (and richer) this summer!

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