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4 Simple Home Energy Management Technologies to Install Today

Yep. Technology is changing the game again.

When electricity was originally invented, Thomas Edison only knew about direct current. DC only would work if you had a power station every mile.

Then, Nikola Tesla came along with alternating current. That allows us to have power stations many miles away.

Today, you have all sorts of technologies and devices you can use that increase your energy savings.

Here’s a list of a few:

1. Nest Thermostats

These things save you 20% on your energy bills in the first year. If you figure you spend around $2,000, that’s $400 saved in year one. The thermostats themselves cost just $169 for the basic version.

To get you the savings, Nest learns your usage and then automatically adjusts your thermostat based on that over time.

For any energy savings technology to pay for itself in under a year is absolutely remarkable!

2. Smart Power Strips

Technically, you don’t even need a smart power strip (although it makes your life easier).

Power strips stop vampire energy drain. Simply turn yours off when you don’t need the devices connected to it.

If you don’t want to attempt to remember, smart power strips automatically turn your connected devices off. You can even get ones you can control remotely with your smartphone – and ones that you can use to view how much energy you actually use from them.

3. Electricity Usage Software

Yes, we’re talking about our software here. It comes along with your service – there’s no extra fee.

Simply login and you can see exactly how much electricity you’re using right now. Turn off your TV – and watch your usage go down.

Customers use this to learn how what they do affects their electricity usage. Then, they change their lifestyle accordingly. The typical customer saves somewhere around 20-25% over the average Texan.

4. Home Automation

This can be somewhat costly and take longer to pay for itself. However, it can also save you energy.

The basic idea is you can connect everything in your home to your smartphone. Then, you can control your lights, blinds, HVAC, and appliances with the press of a single button.

Armed with these technologies, you can put a dent in your carbon footprint – and your energy bills.

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