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4 Low-Tech Ways to Save Energy

No complaints for two years running - Pronto PowerThere’s some pretty cool tech devices out there, like the Nest smart thermostat, which do some of your energy savings for you.

There’s also our software tool which monitors your electricity usage and allows you to learn how you use electricity so you can identify more possibilities for savings.

And then you have these tips. They’re as low-tech as you can possibly get. But at the same time, they save you energy and money.

Check ‘em out:

  1. Spend Quality Time with Your Family

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV, movies, or even playing video games together as a family.

However, if that’s all you ever do, that harms the relationships you have with one another. Do you ever really get to know, understand, and relate to one another?

Those are all important skills to have.

Go for a hike or walk together. Just sit outside together in front of a fire. Hang out at the lake.

Those are the memories your family won’t forget. And they don’t require you to use any energy.

  1. Exercise More

No need to turn yourself into a musclebound Hulk here. Instead, do more of your favorite physical activity.

Walk a couple more days per week. Go for a jog. Go on a swim. Whatever you like to do that’s physical, add more of it into your weekly routine.

This saves you energy because it doesn’t require you to turn on an electric device or spend more time in the house. And, if you do this in the morning, it improves your blood flow throughout the day.

That means you feel warmer which means you keep your AC higher or your heat lower. More energy saved right there!

  1. Add Awnings to Your Southern-Facing Windows

The sun rises in the East, travels around the south, and sets in the West. So, if you add awnings to your windows to keep the sun out during the summer, you’ll save energy.

In fact, you can save around 25% on your electric bills with window awnings.

  1. Plant Vines

Virginia Creeper and Russian vines love to grow vertically. Not only do they block the sun and help you save energy, but they look gorgeous too.

However, don’t run out the door and do this immediately. Instead, talk with a landscaper. Because, these vines can damage your home, depending on the material your home’s made of and the type of vine.

Low-tech? Yes.

Saves energy? You betcha.

Enjoy both!

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