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4 Fun Ways to Save Energy

Anything in life can become a relentlessly monotonous grind. That includes saving energy. You have to remember turning the light switches off, timing your showers, unplugging all your device chargers before going to bed…and so on.

It never ends. Then, you get up the next day, and do it all over again.

Saving energy doesn’t have to be a real chore. And it helps for your own sanity to shake things up a little.

So here are some fun ways you could make saving energy a little more exciting:

Schedule Your Own Power Outage

When was the last time you lost power? It may have been many years ago. And what did you do to kill the time when it happened?

This time, you can actually plan ahead for your own power outage. But, don’t allow any smartphones, iPads, laptops, or any other battery-powered digital screens.

Play board games by candle light (just make sure you keep a close eye on the candle so it doesn’t start a fire!). Do hide’n’seek. Or invent your own games you can all play.

You might be surprised at how fun life can be without electricity every once in a while.

Go Hiking Instead of Watching TV

A certain amount of TV is okay. But after a given point, which you really can’t specifically define, it turns you into a passive vegetable. Life passes you by while you live it out on the tube, and you miss out on the thrill of living life.

So instead, turn off the TV every once in a while. Take your family for a hike. Spice your hike up a little up. Send half your family ahead of you, and then have the other half make it their duty to find them.

Negotiate Work-from-Home Hours with Your Boss

Your boss won’t care that you will save energy and help the environment by working from home. But they will care if you can be more productive.

You probably won’t be able to switch yourself to working exclusively from home immediately. But see if you can get one-to-two days per week to start. And make sure everyone in your family understands you’re still at work and unavailable when you’re in your home office.

Have a Raw Food Competition

You could have a raw food competition even in your own home. Or you could organize one with your friends and neighbors to make it even more interesting.

Regardless of how you do it, the idea is that you make a meal without any appliances. Agree on a prize for the winner to keep it interesting.

What Ideas Can You Come Up With?

Those are just some of our ideas. Take ‘em or leave ‘em as you see fit. Or, simply let them drive your own imagination.

In any case, you’ve now got some genuinely fun ways you can use to save energy.

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